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How to Setup Multiple Monitors

QuadStation ComputersHow to Setup a Multiple Monitor Computer

Setting up a multiple monitor system is a smart move, but first you must decide between two scenarios. Either you want a complete Multiple Display Computer ready for work out of the box. Or you would like to do it yourself by installing a multiple display video card into your existing system. Either way we have a solution for you.

Complete Multiple Monitor Computers

An assembly line based, “off-the-shelf” computer from Best Buy, Dell etc is more of a generic one size fits all system. It will often come loaded down with games, trial software and other programs you may never use which can bog your system down. If you are looking for a high end computer for serious work, a custom built system is a much better choice.

How many displays can I have?

We have systems supporting from 2 up to 12 displays with a single system. This is the starting point and will determine which system configuration you will need. All you have to do is decide how many displays you want, and leave the rest up to us.

What about speed and power, will I have enough?

Yes. This is what QuadStation Systems are known for worldwide. All systems come standard with all top shelf components, right out of the box. Regardless of which system you choose, you will always have plenty of power leave that to us. All you have to decide on is how may displays you would like to have. We only use the fastest processors and motherboards at any given point in time.

How much desktop space will I need?

If you have plenty of desktop space then you usually don’t have to worry. If you are limited on space, our multi Monitor Mounts will help to conserve maximum desktop space. If you are using older full size CRT monitors, then you need to have enough space for all of your monitors.

Should I allow for expansion?

Yes. If you think there is even a chance that you may want additional displays in the future, it is easier to do this now. More often than not, customers want additional displays later wishing they had started with more. For example, if you are on the fence between a 4 and a 6 monitor system, go with the 6. You don’t have to use all monitors at first, just plug them in later when you are ready. But even if you dont, we have you covered there too. All of our systems are very expandable if you ever decide to add more screens later.​​

How Many Displays Do You Need?

3 Display4 Display6 Display8 Display10 Display12 Display

Multiple monitor stands and mounts

Whether you are considering buying a complete multi display computer from us, or expanding displays on an existing computer, you will need an multiple monitor mount to connect all of your LCD/LED monitors together. Monitor mounts create a much more efficient and productive workspace and we have mounts to support ANY number of monitors. All of our mounts come with a 10 year warranty.

Can I use my existing monitors?

It depends on your monitors but most likely. If you already have monitors and you are purchasing one of our monitor stands, make sure they are MOUNTABLE (i.e. they have a VESA type mounting pattern on the back which most of them do. Sometimes they are covered up by the manufacturers sticker or the base. Check your monitor specs to confirm.

Can I buy monitors and mounts from NTI

Yes. When you buy and monitor or mount from us it is guaranteed to be compatible. Take the guesswork out of it and let us provide a complete monitor + mount bundle.

See all monitor mounts here, we have many styles to choose from. If you have questions, give us a ring.