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NTI Premium Consulting Service

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Laptop with 2 screensNTI is now offering a personal Technical Consultant service for a flat monthly fee.  If you have questions about anything technical, think of it like having your own personal Tech Coach to call on, anytime anywhere. This Service is only offered to a limited few to ensure that every member receives the highest quality of service.

A Free Remote Login Support service is also included with your membership to troubleshoot computer issues.

If you consider yourself to be technically challenged, this service is made for you.

Here are just a few examples of when you may need to call your Tech Coach

Computer Issues

  • You are in the market for a new laptop and have no idea where to start.
  • You are trying to decide if you should upgrade or buy a new computer.
  • Your computer will not boot now you have a message on the screen.
  • You would like to add more screens to your computer layout and have questions.
  • You need support but your computer or tech device is out of warranty.
  • How to do anything…on a computer.

Files and Formats

  • Someone sent you a file in a format but you cannot open it.
  • You are designing a new logo and your printer asked for a special format and you have no idea what they are asking.

New or Existing Office Setup

  • You are setting up or redesigning an office and need advice on all things technical: computer equipment, monitors, internet speed, networking, phones, printers, etc.


  • You bought a new router but need help installing it.
  • You need to expand your network connectivity.

Transferring Data

  • You are changing to a new computer but need to transfer your data to the new machine.
  • You need to copy files to an external hard drive

General Tech Advise

  • You are headed to Best Buy to buy a new TV and need advice.

Feel free to challenge your Tech Coach. We may not have all of the answers but if we don’t, we will always steer you in the direction of a solution!

We Can Save You Money

  • Have your Tech Coach review your monthly expenditures (internet, TV, phone, virus programs etc).
  • You will save money by not buying more technology than you need for your home or office.
  • 9 times out of 10 we can help you reduce your monthly expenses by much more than the cost of this service!

NTI Tech Consultants have extensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Computer Hardware and Peripherals
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Networking and Security
  • Online Security
  • Internet Services
  • Multi Monitor Computers and Mounts
  • Video Connectivity
  • Graphics and Video Editing
  • Most Microsoft Office Products
  • Email Setup
  • Websites – Design, Hosting, SEO
  • Cloud Services
  • Backup Solutions
  • Data Recovery
  • …much more!

The Fine print.

Ok …there really is no fine print but let’s be fair about this.

  • Q: Can I call in the middle of the night? – No. Naturally we are people too and we need sleep. We will contact you at the next earliest convenience via email or phone.
  • Q: Will you call me back in 10 minutes? Possibly, if we are available at that time but not always.
  • Q: Can I call as often as I like each month? Sure, but please be realistic and fair to your Consultant, that is all we ask.
  • Q: What is the cost? For a flat monthly fee of only $35, you will be assigned a personal Tech Coach and can start right away.
  • Q: Is this price locked in? Yes. This is an introductory price so lock in your rate at this price now!
  • Q: Can I cancel at anytime? Yes of course, no questions asked.

If you hired a computer consultant for just one hour you would pay 2-3 times this…what’s to think about?

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Contact us today. We will let you know if we currently have any openings for this service.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data Recovery ServicesWe know that data loss can be a very difficult experience. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your important files back. So if your hard drive has crashed we may be able to help. The best part is, there is no charge unless we successfully recover your data so you have nothing to lose.

  • “No data, no charge” policy – view a list of recoverable files before paying.
  • World class team of computer scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers.
  • Recover data from: hard drives, solid state drives, NAS devices, USB drives, RAID and server hard drives.
  • Data recovery from: dropped hard drives, accidental format, deleted data, corrupted data and more

If you have lost data due to hardware failure, there is still hope but the key is to STOP when you realize what has happened. Every action you take after such an event narrows your chances of recovering your data. Remember you may only have one shot at capturing your data if your hard drive crashes. Don’t waste that one chance.

Need to recover data? START HERE>>>

Web Services

Looking for do-it-yourself web based services? We offer the following services:

  • Register New Domain Names
  • Website Hosting
  • WordPress and Website Builders
  • Email Services
  • Website Security and SSL Certificates
  • SEO Marketing
  • Website Hack Recovery

Need one or more of these services? START HERE>>>

Website Design

Let us do all the work for you. If you are a small to medium size business and need a website created, contact us today.