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Pro WorkStations

Multi display computers for the office

QuadStation Pro Series

QuadStations are high performance, multi monitor computers supporting from 2 to 12 independent screens. No need for upgrades really, that’s because NTI systems come standard with the world’s fastest Intel i7 and i9 series processors.

Multi Monitor Computers for Professionals

NTI QuadStations are built for professionals who are serious about their work. So we spare no expense to ensure we are building you the best computer you can get your hands on.

If you are ready to order now, just click on a system below for full details. If you have questions, call us now.  Monitors and/or mounts options are available during checkout if you want a turn key setup. Remember, shipping is FREE anywhere in the cont. USA.

Multi Monitor Computers

QuadStation 3 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS3 Pro | $1695

QuadStation 4 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS4 Pro | $1995

QuadStation 6 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS6 Pro | $2495

QuadStation 8 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS8 Pro | $2595

QuadStation 10 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS10 Pro | $3495

QuadStation 12 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS12 Pro | $3695

Base Specs for All Pro Systems: (Optional upgrades available at checkout): Intel i7-19 Processor | 16-128G Memory | Solid State Hard Drive | Factory Restore Drive | Windows 11 Pro | DVI or DisplayPort Connectivity | 4K Resolution on DisplayPort or HDMI | 3 Year Warranty | FREE SHIPPING anywhere in cont. US

Why Buy from NTI?

Because businesses worldwide, large and small have trusted in our QuadStation systems for almost 3 decades. Our systems will increase the productivity in your workplace on the very first day.

How Long Do QuadStation Systems Last?

We are proud to say that our QuadStation Systems outlast every computer on the market by many years. This is because we never take shortcuts and only use top quality components in all of our systems. It will be the most reliable system you have ever owned.

Nothing But Pure Quality

NTI multiple display computer systems are built with only the highest quality components. That includes the fastest processors and plenty of memory. Our systems are not bogged down with unnecessary software. We only install the operating system and necessary drivers so the system is very fast, lean.

How Many Screens Should I Get?

That is up to you. First, think about space on your desk and how you work. If you would ultimately like to have 6 screens, get a computer with 6 screens out of the gate. Even if you will only use 4 screens to start, the system will already have the extra 2 ports built in. When you are ready, just plug in the extra 2 monitors. Then your QuadStation 4 display system becomes a QuadStation 6.

Ready for Work Out of the Box

All systems are thoroughly tested and ready for work as soon as it arrives.  Just connect your monitors, install your software and go to work.

Pure Quality

Hard Drive Data Recovery Service
NTI QuadStation Systems
NTI QuadStation Systems
Hard Drive Data Recovery
NTI QuadStation Systems
NTI QuadStation Systems

Are QuadStations Fast?

Absolutely. QuadStations are power packed, so super fast and we only use top quality components.

Regular or Rackmount Chassis

If you need your system built in a Rackmount chassis, we can do that too.

The Best or Nothing

We do not take shortcuts on anything. Nothing but the best, down to the smallest component in all of our systems.

The Right Combination

Building a quality computer is much more than just throwing random parts together. It is about using the right combination of components that work together in perfect harmony. This is how our systems last longer than any other computer on the planet.

Just Need a Basic Computer?

NTI Basic Computer SystemIf you are looking for a basic computer but still want the quality, we have that too.  See the NTI-TX2 ,

This small but mighty little system has plenty of power to drive 1-2 displays and very affordable. Makes the perfect basic workstation for 1-2 displays. Check it out: