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NTI Testimonials

This feedback is sent to us freely from our customers without being prompted to do so. Here are few of our many satisfied customer testimonials across the globe.

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The Quadstation is friggin awesome and “epic.” You guys are “wicked,” and all the other random CA phrases we say out here…you guys don’t mess around, these machines are a beast.

— Ryan / CA

I am not a big fan of giving references. However, after having purchased 8 machines from NTI over a 15 year span and having had a a great experience with the company, it is easy to recommend excellent equipment with superb service.

— Michael / IN


Hi Len I want to thank you for your NTI computer I purchased this 10 screen computer 11 years ago and I was working on that computer 12-14 hrs a day for 11 years and still working perfectly. I am the most happy customer of all and I want to buy another NTI computer from you to expand my office.

The quality of components and the setup is top of the line. If anybody wants to know how happy I am as a user of that computer I will say to anybody -Yes I am for 11 years I did 50,000 hrs on the computer and still working no problem!

I am very happy Customer, keep up good work NTI !

— Richard / Canada


“I guess you guys are like the Maytag repair man. You build a great product that lasts a long time, and the repair man gets lonely.”
QuadStations are the best computers I ever purchased, by far! Both still up and running and running smoothly!

— Mark / NM


I returned to Chicago last night from NY and the QuadStation Traveler System held up perfectly…appreciate the upgrades! Fabulous display system and perfect set up for traveling.
Thank You again!!

Lawrence / NY / IL


After searching all over the country for a particular KBC wireless link I found it at Naples Technology. Their helpful, friendly staff handled the order like we were family and solved a major security problem for our company. Looks like customer service is alive and well in Naples!!!!

— Jim / TX


“We bought our first QuadStation in 2009: a 4 monitor configuration, that we subsequently upgraded to 6 displays. That machine has been rock solid and has been in consistent use. All we had to do was upgrade the processor to an i7. Every thing else was working as like it was new and fresh out of the box! You are immediately impressed by well-built; and how quiet and stable these QuadStations are!

This year we bought another QS for our trading operations, outfitted with the latest generation Intel i7 12-core processor and 32GB of RAM. We run very complex automated trading routines and are optimizing the models continuously using statistical processing engines that are now improving our work flows up to 5x faster than what we getting on other i3 quad core machines; and the great QS box we bought back in 2009. Fact: the leap in productivity improvements and ability to push out the frontier on our trading system is because of these NTI machines.

Recently, we approached NTI to build for us a new rackmount system for deploying remotely as a dedicated server in a colo environment. It smokes anything else out there we could find offered in the marketplace – and NTI was great to work with as a partner in designing and building just what we needed. As a stand-alone dedicated server, our new QS Server is always up and able to run our trading algo’s 24×7 as we like. The speed of the processor and the depth of the RAM deployment mean we process our models fast fast fast; and there are no hardware related crashes, or allocations/caps of processor cores/memory like you find in most shared or virtual dedicated hosting configurations. Without question, NTI is the way to go! ”

— Jim C. / NY / NJ / FL


I just have to say…WOW! The computer is fantastic.

I built my last ‘quad’ computer a few years ago starting with a Dell, and adding the necessary components to get it up to snuff. It was never really great, and I’m not so tech oriented to know what the best route would have been, so it was a real pain in the butt.

All I can say is I wish I knew about you guys a few years ago. The system you sent me is perfect for all my needs, and I will recommend you to all my friends in the trading business who need a new computer system. Thanks,

— Evan / NY


I had posted inquiries on John Carter’s TradeTheMarkets website Forum regarding computers, and one stood out from the rest immediately, as soon as I saw that NTI spent considerably time solving one person’s problems with a Dell computer they already owned, even before they purchased from NTI. So I figured these guys were a cut above the rest, and I was correct. The interview over the phone was pleasant, informative and seamless, and the computer is incredible.

When you get service like that, you know you’re doing business with someone of integrity. I also received a follow-up from the sales manager. I was promised quick and competent follow-up support and given my experience to date I would recommend this company and the computer to anyone, hands down. In fact, speaking of the computer itself, it is lightning fast, the monitor I purchased is better than anything I’d purchased in the past, and working with 3 monitors has ramped up my trading bottom line considerably. I appreciate and am willing to pay for quality. This computer and its support network are top notch, and well worth the price tag.

The words I put in here pale in comparison to the thrill I get every time I work with this incredible computer, and the support I received from NTI during the subsequent setup (even though I didn’t need to contact him since the guys make the whole thing pretty much idiot proof) was much appreciated and respected. I would be more than happy to be a resource should anyone be on the fence and looking to speak with someone who has one of your systems.

— Tony / NJ


As a day trader I depend on a reliable and fast working computer system that can handle the complex trading model I use. When I asked my fellow traders at the Chicago Board of Trade who could design the perfect machine for me they told me NTI was the company they use. I spoke to NTI and they knew exactly what I needed to meet my needs and I order two systems complete with four monitors on each. They were built and at my location in Houston Texas within a few days. They were perfect for the demanding environment that I trade in and were more than enough for my trading system.

NTI’s assistance on setup and any questions I had were immediate and I was up and running in no time. Even when I had a problem with a system, they not only sent me an entirely new system to make sure I was taken care of, they even upgraded it to the current technology and sent it to me at no extra charge. I highly recommend NTI to anyone needing a solid computer system designed to meet their special needs along with a company that truly stands behind their work and word.

— Dennis D. / TX


Thank you for keeping us informed of your company’s’ products and services. It has been truly a pleasure being your customer. I can testify that I am in good hands, and that I can always count on you when I need help! Not only you sell quality products, but you also continuously provide your customers with excellent services! I’m a happy customer!

— Suzanne / AZ


I am very happy with my 6 monitor QuadStation which enables me to engage in some serious multi tasking. I know I would not want to go back to the single monitor type of arrangement. When I need additional equipment, I will contact you again. Thanks.

— Eduardo / TX


I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks. Computer and monitors are up, running, and all working fantastically. The set up was a snap.

Thanks to you and everyone at NTI for a uniformly positive purchase experience. I won’t hesitate to enthusiastically recommend you, especially to the increasing number of people/colleagues that I know who have heard about the productivity benefits of multiple monitors, and are looking for turn key solutions.

— Mike / FL


How would it feel to own the best computer you have ever purchased in 25 yrs of buying pc’s? It feels GREAT and, of course, it’s from NTI. FINALLY, I have a pc that runs Neo Ticker and DOES NOT CRASH!! And it is so quiet I can hear my grandfather clock ticking in the other room. My previous computer which was purchased from one of those “trading computers” places is a piece of junk compared to this one. It was overclocked, no Intel motherboard and no warranty. It continually crashed while running Neo Ticker and they never told me how they had messed up the pc by overclocking it. I’m an NTI customer from now on! And my NTI pc cost 30% LESS than the than the garbage pc from that “trading computers” place.

— Dave / CO


Still using my QuadStation after 5 years. People can’t believe I use so many computers at once. Then I tell them it’s only one computer with 3 monitors, they cant believe it!

— Bob /OK


Hey Guys, Just wanted to say I LOVE my new computer. This week has been very volatile and usually I would not trade or get chopped up because my other computers (I have six others) were all too slow. However, this week, I have made at least 10% per day for all five days thanks to nailing entries with my new NTI QuadStation. I am VERY happy with my computer — paid for it in less than a week of trading! Best regards.

— Jim / TN


I received my Quad Station Mobile 2 days ago. I’m completely amazed with the service, and knowledge that the representatives had when I had my list of questions. I will definitely purchase my home system from NTI in the coming months. I love my QS Mobile. This system is super fast, and mobile… Wow!!

— Lee / FL


All I can say is wow… After talking with my mentor and checking with all other competitors for price, options, hardware, warranty and most importantly, service, I called and talked to NTI. They answered all of my questions regarding the system without hesitation. NTI knew what each of the component capabilities were and didn’t try to push add-ons that I didn’t want or need for the application I am using it for stock trading.

Needless to say I picked NTI to build my new system, (great communication e-mail and phone), I transferred funds and called back to make sure they had arrived and talked to the sale manager who knew exactly what I had purchased. He read back the contents of the order, talk about team work.

Before I even had a chance to unpack it , a member of tech support was on the phone calling to make sure everything had arrived and if I had any questions to call. Wow, an actual after the sale courtesy call, where else do you find it these days. And the best thing of all no software to install, plugged it in and it worked straight out of the box, just like they said.

To say I am pleased would be an understatement.. This system has exceeded all my expectations.

— Paul / AL

Thank you NTI for building such an incredible trading computer! I now am running 8 monitors and have over 50 windows open during the trading day, and this computer never misses a beat. I appreciate your fast and friendly service. If only I had known about you a long time ago while struggling to make my old Dell run on multiple monitors and video cards. My NTI QuadStation was running all my monitors perfectly right out of the box. Many Thanks
— John / CA

I received my QS8, set up the screens, connected them to the box and plugged it in. I immediately thought something was wrong because I couldn’t hear it. It is definitely the quietest machine I have ever had. I needed some help configuring the screens and the engineer that built the machine taught me how through their remote (support) connection.

If you are worried about build quality, tech support or customer service…..don’t! I’m obviously extremely happy with the machine, technical expertise and after sale support.

— Jeff / FL


NTI systems and staff are exceptional. Never fails…always up and the staff will always help out a non-techie like me. Will not buy anyone else’s unit. Competitively prices too.

— Sam / PA


Of all the decisions I have made concerning my trading business, none has been better than to purchase a QuadStation computer. The computer has worked flawlessly since I got it in November. I trade primarily from a chat room and each and every day I hear multiple complaints about people missing trades or key data because of computer freezeups requiring them to reboot. I used to have that same issue when I was trying to trade with my old Dell.

My QuadStation system has never so much as blinked even at very active times like fed rate cut announcements. I highly recommend NTI to any trader who is interested in maximizing their opportunity to succeed in this business.

— Tom / FL


We have purchased only IBM and DELL workstations in the past. Purchasing custom built PCs is a first for us and we are very exited by the QuadStation computers that were shipped to us. We are most impressed by the personalized customer service that we received. The Value Added service that we get from NTI makes it the best value around!

— Youri / CA

I recently purchased a system from you in the past few months to handle three 22″ Dell monitors. We use this system to monitor the Dow Jones Industrial stock and market trends. Your computer handles the tasks effortlessly, and provide flawless input to all three screens. Just a note to say you put out a great product, and we are very pleased with it’s performance! Thanks!

Mark / VA


I use my system I purchased 1 and ½ years ago every day (I bought a desktop system to drive 4 monitors for stock trading).

Naples Tech was informative in suggesting what I put into it, and delivered the system in a very timely fashion. The really cool thing is when they build the system – what they don’t put on it. No junk software that Dell and HP get paid to put on the system. My system is for professional use only, and not having to remove those items (and possibly corrupt the Registry) was great.

I have been nothing but happy with it. Still one of your biggest fans … my system is still kicking butt … no problems!

— Joe / VA

I wanted to let you know how happy we have been with the systems you are supplying…..we have not had to service any of the systems we have installed yet. This says great things for you, your staff and your product. In fact the first 2 systems have been running 24 hours a day 7 Days a week with 5 monitors playing different presentations concurrently since December last year without incident. Some of these include video imbedded in PowerPoint presentations along with heavy use of Custom Animation.

Your service in particular has been nothing short of fantastic.

We are also very happy with the time it takes to receive our orders, often it takes me longer to get our monitors from Melbourne (Australia) then it does to have your product built from scratch and sent from the U.S. Your transport company UPS also provides excellent service. Please keep up the good work.

— Jody / Australia


Thanks for your help and I love this system. It is much faster than my old one and the six screens are amazing to watch the charts on!

— Bill G. / NY

I bought a QS-6 for stock trading and I love it. Len was terrific in answering any question and concern that I could think of. I most appreciated the times when he’d say, “hmmm, I dont know, let me find out and get back to you”….and he did. I would expect that level of responsiveness on the pre-sale. But I am most impressed when this happens after the sale. I have referred a number of trading friends to NTI to purchase a system and forewarn all of them that they are in for a pleasant surprise.

I had an intermittent keyboard problem about 9 months after the purchase. SI contacted Len to verify that the keyboard was still under warranty. His answer – “I’m shipping one right now. Do you want it overnight or in 2 days?” I love the fact that he prioritized my needs over his shipping costs. Keep up the great work NTI!

— Chris / CA


Len thanks again for all your follow through! You have really been great to deal with and I would highly recommend your company.

I’m excited to get the stand set up & am also impressed with the quality of the parts I’ve already received. I can tell that it’s really a great product.

— Doug S. / WV


When we looked to expand our day trading station to 8 monitors we tried going through our regular computer supplier, but they were unable to supply us with the correct components for our system and made false claims regarding the compatibility of certain graphics cards.

Enter Naples Tech. NTI not only sent us out a fantastic workstation but provided the kind of support that the big box computer stores just can’t give you. They don’t put you on hold. They don’t transfer you to 10 different departments before figuring out what needs to be done. All we got was, hands down, the best customer service experience we’ve had in a long time. Thanks Naples Tech!

— Bretton J. / MN


Very pleased with the whole experience. Price compared to another company was a lot less,customer service was above par. Setting up was straight forward and getting the machine on line with a little help was also a breeze, all in all I give them 5 star.

— Satya / FL

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