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Professional Laptops

Laptops on a mission.

Multi Monitor Laptops

QuadStation Mobile Professional LaptopIf you are looking for a professional grade laptop, you are in the right place. NTI offers 2 high quality laptop solutions with plenty of options , BOTH with multiple display capability.  First, decide which system is right for you:

The QuadStation Mobile, is a very versatile, professional grade laptop system. Choose this system if:

  • You just need a high quality laptop and want something better than off the shelf systems.
  • You want a larger screen laptop than standard or larger external monitor options.
  • You work from 2 different places and have (or will add) external monitors/TVs at both locations  for multiple screens.
  • Add extra monitors and other options during checkout.

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NTI QuadStation Traveler Portable Laptop SystemThe QuadStation Traveler, is a 3 display laptop system which includes 2 lightweight external USB powered displays and carry case.

  • Designed for the traveling professional who commutes between locations.
  • The 15.6″ laptop and 2x external monitors for a total of 3 screens are included with this system.
  • Everything fits in one rugged, weatherproof case and ready to roll at the drop of a hat.
  • You fly often and need something that is small enough to fit in the overhead.

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In today’s age of information overload, a single laptop screen is no longer enough. If you find yourself minimizing and maximizing windows all day long, you need more screens!​