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Digital Signage

Digital Signage Computers

Computer Based Digital Signage

DS-Z Series digital signage computers are a very cost effective way to add digital signs in your business.

DS-Z systems support from 1 to 11  independent displays with the same or different content on each screen. We have options that allow you to extend video up 300′ away and easy to use.

Any business owner can manage their own advertising signage on the first day.​


How It Works

  1. Simply connect your new or existing TVs or monitors to the multiple video ports on the DS-Z system.
  2. Create your media content to be displayed using Microsoft PowerPoint (included) or your own software. The content can be anything from simple text and still images to a fully animated presentation.
  3. Monitor 1 is designated as your ‘Control Monitor’. This is where you will create and control your content.
  4. Then, from the Control Monitor, SEND your content OUT to the desired display(s) with the click of a mouse

Core Specs

  • Computer Based Windows 10 system
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Support for 1-11 content displays
  • Up to 4K resolution
  • No recurring fees
  • PowerPoint software included
  • Display any type of content
  • Independent displays


DS-Z series systems support, VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort. This is based on the available connections on your TVs or monitors, and will determine what type of video cards we use in your system. Full details available on the individual system pages.

Extending Video

Our optional Video Extension Modules allow you to extend video and audio up to 300 ft away from the system (see example below using HDMI extenders). Distance is determined by the type of connections that you are using on your content TV’s or monitors.

Extend Video over CAT 5

This is an example of our HDMI Video Extension Modules which can be used to transmit video as well as audio up to 300‘ over CAT 6 network cabling. (Note 1 or 2 CAT 6 lines may be required depending on your objective).

A small VEM Transmitter module connects to the video source of the DS system on one side of the module, and on the other side outputs to CAT 6.

The matching VEM Receiver module located at the content display on the other end receives the CAT6 input, then outputs to the video source on the content display, in this case HDMI.


How Many Content Displays Do You Need?

1 Display | 3 Displays | 5 Displays | 7 Displays | 9 Displays | 11 Displays

Also See Digital Signage FAQ.