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Control Rooms

Fast. Quiet. Rock Solid

NTI Control Room Computers

NTI LogoNTI Control Room Computers are very reliable, multiple screen workstations with support for 1-12 independent displays.

Available in regular computer cases or rackmount chassis, these systems are extremely solid. If you need to make sure it meets requirements for your software, no problem. Point us to your software vendor site and we will make sure it not only meets but far exceeds any minimum specs.

Rock Solid and Ready for Work

Built for mission critical environments, our workstations are power packed and ready for work out of the box so system resources are never an issue. This includes Intel’s fastest processors, plenty of memory, solid state drives and video with up to 4k resolution.

Control Room Computer with Multiple Monitors

High Quality Systems

NTI Control Room computers are designed for professional control room type environments where reliability is critical. That said, quality is never sacrificed.

Our computers are fully tested and ready for work prior to shipment. We understand that a long lasting machine requires top quality components so that is what we give you.

Desktop or Rackmount Chassis.

We can build any system in a 3U or 4U chassis depending on how many display outputs you need. Let us know, otherwise we will build it in a mid tower desktop case.

Professional Grade Workstations for Mission Critical Environments

QuadStation 3 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS3-i7 Pro

QuadStation 4 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS4-i7 Pro

QuadStation 6 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS6-i7 Pro

QuadStation 8 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS8-i7 Pro

QuadStation 10 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS10-i7 Pro

QuadStation 12 Display Computer Multiple Monitor System

QS12-i7 Pro

1U media appliance

QS1U-Mini Media Appliance

Base Specs for systems.  (Upgrades available at checkout): Intel Processors | 32G Memory | Solid State Hard Drive + Bootable Factory Restore Drive | Win 11 – 64 Bit Pro | HD Audio | DVDRW | Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers | DVI or DisplayPort Connectivity | Rackmount Option | 3 Year Warranty | FREE SHIPPING anywhere in cont. US

Designed for All Industries

Control Rooms, 911 Call Centers, Video Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Engineering & Systems Monitoring. Regardless of your industry our control room computers are very reliable.

Lean and Ready for Work

We install only the OS and necessary drivers. this makes for a significantly leaner computer. When the system arrives, just load your software and you are ready to go. Our computers are not bloated with unnecessary trial software etc. So you will get a lean, fast machine that is ready to roll.

Video Connections

NTI Control room systems all come standard with DisplayPort outputs. DisplayPort is as good as it  gets on a video output. However, if you need HDMI or DVI adapters we can provide those  for you.

NTI control room systems are built with only the highest quality components as configured. Upgrades are not really needed but feel free to crank up the power with optional upgrades.

Multi Monitor Stands and Mounts

We also carry a wide variety of multi display monitor mounts and stands. This includes large display mounts, wall mounts, floor stands, freestanding and bolt down styles.


Consider an NTI control room system today. It will be the most reliable system you have ever owned.

If you have questions, call us now at 239.254.9206