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Hard Drive Data Recovery Service
NTI QuadStation Systems
Intel i9 Processor
Hard Drive Data Recovery
NTI QuadStation Systems
Intel i9 Processor

Why Buy from NTI


Control Room Computer with Multiple MonitorsWhy buy from NTI? Because we build the highest quality computer systems in the industry. At NTI, we do not compromise quality on any level, right down to the smallest component.

All QuadStation Systems are built with only the fastest processors and motherboards at any given point in time, as well as Solid State hard drives and plenty of memory.

Prior to shipping any system it must pass our very stringent 34 point quality control and stress test. No system leaves our factory until it is perfect. Always the best…always the fastest….all the time…period.

We have customers with QuadStation systems that have been up and running longer than our competitors have been in business!


Naples Tech (NTI) Store FrontWe know you are doing your research and you are looking to get the most for your money. We understand that and respect that. So when you buy from NTI you will get the highest quality products and customer service from us.

When doing your research keep this in mind. Our company has over 2 decades of solid experience in multiple display technologies. Since 1995 our engineers have worked continuously to improve our products year over year.

NTI started the multi display revolution back in the early nineties when we opened our retail store. After many years, we closed  our brick and mortar location and expanded our business and now we ship worldwide. We work steadfast to provide the highest quality systems available anywhere in the world.


NTI is considered the industry expert in multiple display computer systems and related technologies. Our knowledgeable technicians will always give you straight forward, honest and accurate advise.


We respect and appreciate our customers and you will always get the most for your money here. The information you get from our website and our representatives is accurate. All of our information is obtained directly from the source (Intel, Microsoft etc) not from hearsay, random forums or message boards. If you heard from NTI, you know it is fact.


Once you become a customer of NTI, rest assured when you call we will know who you are as well as your purchase history. There is nothing more frustrating than calling a company that has no idea who you are and having to explain your history over and over again.

When you call us, we have your full history right at our fingertips no need to explain to a new rep each time you call. We know who you are personally.


Our customer service and support teams are second to none and we do NOT outsource our support to other companies. If you have an issue with your system you will call and speak to the engineers that built your system. Although there are very few, we react quickly to all support cases and offer FREE remote technical support is included with all systems.


We always encourage open communication with all of our customers before, during and after the sale. When a system ships from our factory, our customers, as well as our customer service team are sent UPS tracking information so everyone is informed as to exactly when your delivery is expected. NTI is on full alert in case our customers have any setup questions.


NTI QuadStation Computers TechnicalBefore you buy elsewhere, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. The truth of it is, other companies know you are not technical and they sometimes take advantage of that. They lure you in with a low ‘base’ price and a low end system.

Then they nickel and dime you with paid upgrades. This just gets them to the bottom rung of the NTI quality ladder, and their price ends up being higher!

At NTI we give you your full money’s worth when you buy from us with no gimmicks. Typically you will not need any upgrades with our systems. The way our systems are configured by default is considered high end by all others’ standards. That is our starting point.

Compare our Systems to off-the-shelf systems

NTI QuadStation Computers