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QuadStation Systems

NTI QuadStation Computers

The Best Computer You Will ever Own

  • 2 – 12 Displays
  • Top Quality
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • ​USA Tech Support
  • Fast. Quiet. Rock Solid.

What is the Difference in an “off-the-shelf” Computer vs a QuadStation?

A question we get asked often and one that we love answering. There is a huge difference. QuadStation systems are high performance, customized computer systems built specifically for each customer. Every detail has been thought out to make this the perfect system not just for anyone, but for YOU.

An assembly line, “off-the-shelf” computer from Best Buy, Dell, HP etc is a generic one size fits all system. It will often come loaded down with games, trial software and other programs you may never use which can bog your system down.

These off-the-shelf type systems are commonly referred to as “Disposable Computers” which says it all. So, if you are looking for a high end computer for serious work, a custom built system is a much better choice. Here is something else to note:

3 Years is the typical lifespan of a regular computer system. Here are just a few of our customers using our QuadStation systems and how long their systems have been running:

  • 11 Years – QuadStation 6 – Dwayne / MN
  • 10 Years – QuadStation 4 – Tina / TX
  • 9 Years – QuadStation 10 – Richard / Canada
  • 8 Years – QuadStation 4 – Jim / CT
  • 7 Years – QuadStation 12 – Ken / FL
  • 6 Years – QuadStation 6 – Wendy / CA
  • 5 Years – QuadStation 8 – Walt / NY
  • ​4 years – QuadStation 4 – Robert / IL

Watch the Online Nickel and Diming

A common practice for Dell, HP and others, is to reel you in with a low BASE price, for example “PRICES STARTING AT” $649. This is a bare bones system before most of the necessary components are added (hard drives, video cards, memory etc). By the time you add in all of the required components, they nickel and dime you up to a price actually HIGHER than a QuadStation system!

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in including all of the perfomance you need out of the gate with our systems, minus all of the option runaround. The truth of it is, they count on the fact that most people have no idea what they are looking at. So they hook you in with that low starting price then ‘option you up’ to a much higher price often 2 to 3 times than the original starting price. That is not right.

Whether you buy from us or not, the next time you are online looking at a Dell or HP, stay on that page and give us a ring. Allow us to explain what each component is and what you are ‘really’ getting. We will have you add all of the costs of the required components to see what you are really paying them.  Then we will compare that to one or our similar QuadStations, where all of these items are ‘included’.

In the end once you compare apples to apples, you will find that you will always get more for your money and better service with a QuadStation system.

Business Class Workstations vs Others

NTI QuadStation ComputersAt NTI, our focus is on building very reliable, business class workstations that go the distance. Our systems are made for serious professional environments so the quality must be there. Our customers depend on it. We are often asked about the difference between our QuadStation systems and an off the shelf, boxed system (“disposable computers”) or a gaming computer.

Like comparing oranges to bananas, there is a huge difference. If you need a system for gaming, buy a gaming computer. If you need a reliable system to run your business, buy a business workstation. Don’t waste your valuable time learning a bad lesson.

What About Technical Support?

Our US based technical support team is second to none. When you purchase a QuadStation system from us, you will be assigned a personal account rep for one-on-one assistance when you need it. We provide SAME DAY response within normal business hours, compared to next day or 2nd day response times with other guys.

If your issue cannot be resolved over the phone we have you covered there as well with our FREE remote login support service that comes with all QuadStation systems.

If You Appreciate Quality, You Are In The Right Place

Attempting to compare the quality of a QuadStation system to any assembly line computer is like comparing oranges and ducks. They are not even in the same ballpark. Your QuadStation system is being built specifically for you and attention is given to every single detail both in quality and craftsmanship.

Our mission is to manufacture the longest lasting computer systems in the world and that is not done by cutting corners. Every component in our systems is always the best available…period. Our standard warranty is 3 years but it is quite common that our systems last twice that. Read what our other customers have to say about QuadStations.

Looking For More Power?

QuadStations are all about speed and power. That is why we only use the top 4 fastest processors available, at any given point in time. So if your current computer is just not keeping up with your workload, we can fix that.

You are Not Just Another Sale to Us

Buying an off-the-shelf or system from the web makes you just another sale to the other guys. At NTI, we will never pressure you to buy anything. It is as important to us that you are making the right choice as it is to you. If a QuadStation system is is more power that you need, we will tell you that as well. In addition we are establishing a long term, personal business relationship with every customer.

Open Communication With Our Customers

We always encourage open communication with our customers. Most companies attempt to evade speaking directly with their customers offering only email support or  automated responses. At NTI, feel free to call us anytime we would love to hear from you. Our direct number is on the top of every page on our site.

If you have questions, just give us a call. Our phone numbers are on the top of every page of our site or drop us an email. Our very knowledgeable US based team will be happy to speak with you any time.

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