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CAD Workstations

Multi monitor CAD computers. Pure Quality.

CAD Workstations

NTI multiple monitor CAD computers are designed for engineering, architectural, design, 3D and scientific modeling. Choice of 2, 3 and 4 display systems, add optional monitors and mount during checkout for a complete turnkey setup.

QS-CAD systems come packed with all of the power you will ever need including an Intel i7 processor and Solid State hard drive. Top that with a CAD certified professional graphics card with 4K-5K resolution and you have a very robust machine.

Built for the serious professional looking for a very reliable CAD workstation. They are fast, lean and ready for work out of the box.


CAD Computers with Multiple Displays

Dual Monitor CAD Computer
Model: QS2-CAD | $1985
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3 Monitor CAD Computer
Model: QS3-CAD | $2250
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CAD Computer with 4 screens
Model: QS4-CAD | $2450
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Base Specs for CAD Systems (Optional upgrades available at checkout.

  • CAD Certified Graphics
  • Intel i7 Processor
  • Solid State Main Drive
  • Factory Restore Drive
  • 4K-5K 3D Graphics Cards
  • Windows 10 – 64 Bit Professional
  • DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI Connectivity
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in cont. US

NTI multiple display CAD systems are built with only the highest quality components, fastest processors and plenty of memory. Our systems are not bloated with unnecessary software, only the operating system and necessary drivers for a faster leaner workstation.

Add optional freestanding, bolt down, or wall mounts for your monitors if needed. All systems are thoroughly tested and when your system arrives it will be ready to go. Just connect your monitors, install your software and go to work. Consider an NTI QuadStation today. It will be the most reliable system you have ever owned.