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Windows 10 Reboot Loop

Windows Update Causes System Reboot Loop

The Problem

Microsoft rolled out a new Windows update KB4041676 which can cause some Windows 10 computers to reboot over and over again as it tries to install this new update. This is called a Reboot Loop and can result in a BSOD blue screen error.

This is exactly why we have always been against automatic Windows updates. We disable this feature in our computer systems during production to avoid such issues.

The Cause of the Reboot Loop:

If you experience this problem keep in mind this is NOT a computer hardware problem. This is caused by a Microsoft Software update. By avoiding or removing the update, this will resolve the problem.

​Microsoft issued the following post addressing this topic on their forum where customers who have had this experience have chimed in.

For now we are recommending holding off on doing Windows updates in Windows 10 until Microsoft sorts this out.

The Solution

  • Avoid installing or rollback Microsoft update KB4041676 using System Restore. (Hit F8 while your computer is booting and choose SAFE MODE)
  • Turn off automatic Windows Updates in Windows 10 for now. Microsoft does not make this an easy point and click setting like it was in Windows 7. However, we found a way around it here on our Windows 10 page

Tech Notes

It is unfortunate that Microsoft made it so difficult to disable automatic Windows updates in Windows 10/11. This issue is a good example why auto updates are not a good idea. NTI has been advocating manual updates for years now for this reason.

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