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Video Playback or Streaming in my Browser

If you are on a website attempting to play a video (Youtube, streaming video, video clip etc) in your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox) and you are getting an error, this is NOT a hardware issue. The first thing to try is test that same video a different browser. Usually video playback requires what are called Plugins or Extensions and they are different for each browser. This could be the case if your browser is older and simply updating your browser to a newer version should solve that.

​If your browser IS up to date, check to make sure that you have the required Plugin or Extension installed. There some be some reference to what it needs in the error message to give you a clue.

Another thing to look at in your browser is your Security Settings. Often times if this is set to high it will block video playback.

DVD Playback Issues

To play a DVD movie it requires a software decoder to run which is either included with your DVD drive, or part of Microsoft Windows. To play movies this must be installed and activated. All QuadStation systems come with Windows Media Player preinstalled and tested with a movie DVD.

Note that if you are having trouble playing a video in your browser that is completely different. This would have something to do with your browser or plugins for your browser. See the previous paragraph.