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Think or Swim Issue with Bitdefender

How to Fix Think or Swim Issue with Bitdefender

The Problem

Laptop GuyThink or Swim customers have reported issues specifically with Bitdefender.  BitDefender is an antivirus/internet security software developed by a Romanian company that apparently has a Java Virtual Memory conflict which prevents TOS from allocating memory that exceeds 768 MB of memory

This involves running Think or Swim running in Windows XP Compatibility mode.

The Fix

If this is causing issues with Think or Swim, remove Bitdefender completely. Choose a more well known antivirus program such as Microsoft Essentials, Norton’s or McAfee. You may also try running TOS in Compatibility Mode. Here are the instructions on how to do that for eSignal but the process is the same.

​Tech notes

Problems like this often ‘appear’ to be a computer problem when in fact they are not. To rule it out, close your trading application and see if you still have a problem. Open any other program except your trading application or utilities used by your trading application.

Usually you will find that everything works fine until your trading application is opened. This means that if you only have an issue when the trading application is open, it is NOT the computer it is your application.

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