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Multi-Threading Processors and Software

A ‘multi-threaded application’ is a software application written to take advantage of hyperthreading technology. Hyperthreading is a processor technology developed by Intel that enables multi-threaded software applications to execute threads in parallel on a single multi-core processor instead of processing threads in a linear fashion.

Hyper-Threading enables different parts of the CPU to work on different tasks concurrently. This greatly enhances the overall performance of a computer system as it allows simultaneous data streams. Think of I like a single lane highway vs. an 8 lane highway with regard to data. Not all applications can take advantage of hyperthread capable CPU however it is the way of the future.

Note that all newer Microsoft operating systems and applications such as Microsoft Windows and Office take full advantage of hyperthreading technology. So even if you are using one specific application that is not multi threaded, your Window operating system will gain a huge benefit in speed from hyperthreading.

Stock Trading Software and Multi Threading

Stock trading applications such as Tradestation, Ameritrade, CyperTrader, QCharts, ETrade etc. are the applications traders use to manage their trading activity. Some of these applications are currently single threaded applications but most all of them are moving toward updating their software to take advantage of multi-threading.

What this means is that any system you buy for trading, you want to make sure it has a Quad Core processor with Hyper-Threading technology to make sure you are ready for the future. A single threaded application can work in a multithreaded environment as it is backwards compatible.

NTI QuadStation trading computers have been tested with all trading platforms and configured for optimal performance based on EACH software vendor’s absolute highest specs and far beyond. This includes the 4, 6 or 8 Core processor that is installed in all QuadStation systems.

All systems greatly benefit from quad core processing even if the trading platforms have not yet update their software to take advantage of multi threading. This will be the standard in the future and your QuadStation is ready for it!

Think of it this way. Even if your trading software is single threaded, that is fine it will work great on a multi thread machine. The advantage of that is the operating system, your browser  and everything behind the curtain that runs your Windows machine DOES take full advantage of hyperthreading. This in turn makes the system as a whole run more than twice as fast when running single thread applications.