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Large Screen TV or Multiple Monitors

Large  Screen TV vs  Multiple Monitors

Should You Use a Large  TV or Separate Monitors?


One large screen vs multiple monitors. This is a question we get asked almost daily at NTI. When it comes down to it , it is a matter of preference really, but most traders prefer independent screens. Here is why.

For example, let’s compare a trader who is on the fence whether to use 1 x 60” screen TV or 6 x 22” monitors. Overall you will have about the same amount of screen space, but here are the key differences.

NTI QuadStation 6 Trader

Using 1 x 60” TV

You only need a single large screen TV and one video output on your computer.

  • To keep the comparison even, let’s say you have 6 chart windows that you would like to have open at the same time. Initially, you will have to manually size and position them on the 60” TV sharing the same space.
  • Then, in your trading software you would need to set it up manually then save a workspace/ layout. This way, when you open your software the next time your charts will remember this single screen layout.
  • Keep in mind that since you are sharing one large screen, your chart windows will not be nearly as big compared to using separate monitors.
  • The main downside to using one large screen, is lack of independent control of the monitors.
  • And finally, a single video output means that you are sharing / splitting video resources all on that single video output. This is not optimal for video performance.

Using 6 x 22” Monitors

You will need a computer with 6 x independent video outputs, 6 monitors and a monitor mount. All of which NTI can provide.

  • This gives you much more independent control over the monitors
  • You can snap each chart to it’s own full sized window. Most traders prefer this.
  • Each monitor can be dedicated to it’s own chart.
  • More flexibility in tilt and angle adjustments of each monitor vs the large screen which is fixed.
  • Separate video resources for each of the 6 monitors. This will give you far better performance and speed.

What about Ultrawide Monitors?

Ultrawide monitors are only about with width of 2 monitors, maybe 3. But the situation is the same when comparing to independent screens. So this is basically a dual monitor setup.

You Can Have Both

Many traders like using a combination of both. For example, you can have a large screen TV up on the wall, plus multiple monitors below it. So you have the best of both worlds!

In Summary

It is really a matter of your preference. But the majority of traders prefer using 6 independent monitors vs 1 large screen, hands down. That is because they know they get much better video performance, as well as more independent control of their screens.

In addition, each chart can have it’s own full size, dedicate screen. This makes it easier to see all of your charts.

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