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Issues with eSignal and Windows 7

Issues with eSignal and Qcharts

The Problem

If you are having issues running QCharts or eSignal, this article should help. There are a couple things to look  at. First eSignal / QCharts supports suggest to configure your Firewall and User Account Control (UAC) settings to allow these programs through.

This involves running eSignal / QCharts and the Data Manager in Windows XP Compatibility mode.  See below for how to fix it.

Fixing Issues with QCharts

See this  detailed article by QCharts

​Tech Notes:

Software problems like this often ‘appear’ to be computer hardware issues when in fact they related to QCharts. To rule it out, close your trading application and see if you still have a problem. Open any other program except your trading application or utilities used by your trading application.

Usually you will find that everything works fine until your trading application is opened. This means that if you only have an issue when the trading application is open, it is NOT the computer it is your application.

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