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Software vs Hardware Issues

How do I know if i have a hardware issue or software issue?

In an effort to always go above and beyond, NTI will always try to help our customers pin down an issue even if it is not related to our hardware. But please note: NTI is a hardware vendor so naturally we do not support software related issues of any kind. This includes Microsoft Windows operating system, all trading software and/or issues or performance related to these applications and all other software applications. Please refer to your individual software vendor for further troubleshooting any software related issues.

Examples of SOFTWARE related problems:

  • A sluggish system
  • Pop up errors referencing software in the name such as DLL errors
  • Slow internet connection or response time
  • Browser not playing videos or showing content on a website (see KB40903 below)
  • Login issues on anything
  • Changes in system performance
  • Viruses and spyware infections
  • Anything related to firewall or antivirus programs
  • Windows related error messages
  • Power source issues

Examples of HARDWARE related issues:

  • A noisy fan
  • System does not boot at all (if not power source related)
  • Color changes or flickering n your monitor (usually just a loose cable)
  • No video on any display

If you are in Windows and you see your desktop then all of your hardware is working properly. Anything beyond this point would be a software related issue. We will help you try to figure it out and tell you what to look for, but you will need to contact the respective software vendor to troubleshoot software issues.

If you have a hardware related issue feel free to contact NTI or if you are not sure give us a call or drop us an email.

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