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Ghosting of Windows in Options Express and other Trading Software

The Issue

Customers have reported that certain versions of JAVA have issues with Options Express and other trading platforms. Also ghosting or transparent windows appear on your screens.

The Problem

Customers state that when using CLONE in DETACH mode, causes layers of windows to overlap or ‘ghost‘ when dragging windows. This is not a video problem, this is a JAVA version issue. You may also experience blank / transparent windows in your trading software.

The Cause

This could be either the version of JAVA you are using that causes the problem, or Microsoft fix for KB4034664 has not been applied.

FIX 1: JAVA Version Issue

First contact your trading software company to confirm which version of JAVA is most stable with their software. You may need to revert back to older version of JAVA to correct the problem. To obtain an alternate version of JAVA click here.

FIX 2: Windows Update Issue

If you are still having issues with your trading platforms and ghost images, some customers stated this second fix corrected the problem. They contacted their trading software company and was directed to the following Microsoft link referencing a fix for Microsoft Windows update in KB4034664.

​Microsoft  states that, “If a machine has more than one monitor connected and the screen numbering is not in sequence, some applications will experience rendering issues”. Microsoft has a workaround on the KB link above involving monitor position and connections. This is a Microsoft issue, not a computer issue.

​​Tech Notes

Problems like this often ‘appear’ to be a computer problem when in fact they are not. To rule it out, close your trading application and see if you still have a problem. Open any other program except your trading application or utilities used by your trading application. Usually you will find that everything works fine until your trading application is opened. This means that if you only have an issue when the trading application is open, it is NOT the computer it is your application.

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