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How to fix ‘Windows Not Genuine’ Message

The Problem

You keep getting a message saying that your copy of Windows is not genuine when you know that it is.

The Resolution

Here is how to get rid of it, you will need to apply BOTH fixes below.


1. ​Click on the Start button and in the Search box type cmd. . Do NOT hit enter.  (windows 7 example below)​​​​
Fix Windows Not Genuine Message

2. In the search results list, Right click on the ‘cmd’ and choose option ‘Run as administrator’:
Fix for 'WIndows Not Genuine' Message

This black box will appear:

windows re-arm message

3. Now type ‘SLMGR –REARM’ and hit enter. Type the words as it is otherwise method will not work. there is a space after SLMGR and the ‘–‘.

​4. Now a popup will appear as Windows Script Host which will notify that you’ve successfully completed.

5. Restart the system. Proceed to part 2 of the fix


FIX Part 2

1. Go to your control panel and then go into the Windows Update section. Alternatively you can move into the ‘Uninstall a program’ tool.

2. Now click on ‘View installed updates’ and wait for all updates to get listed.

3. Now find out update with name ‘KB971033’ and uninstall it from your Windows.

4. Restart your PC again, you are done.

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