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Desktop Space

Desktop Space for Monitor Stands

So how much physical desktop space do you need for a multiple monitor stand?

This is a question that we get asked quite often. Remember that when using a monitor mount or stand, the monitors will be mounted on the arms of the STAND which actually takes up very little desktop area.

You only need enough room for the BASE  as the monitors are all suspended up off the desk and on the tree of the monitor stand. So it does not matter how wide your desk is really, as long as it supports the weight of the 6 monitors. The monitors themselves could extend out past the width of the desk and it would not matter. It is all about the base.

For example. Take our K3320G 6-display monitor stand here, note the mounting base circled in red. This mount only requires about 6” of desktop space to support 6 monitors.

This is a bolt down style base which requires a single bolt to be drilled through your desk.  So you could really have a 6 monitor mount on a 1 ft square desk as long as it would support the weight.

Freestanding Base

Compare this to a freestanding base like our KT661 show here. It requires no drilling, it has a large heavy base to support the mount.

A freestanding base is about 18″ wide on this mount, so it would require a desk that is 18″ wide for 6 monitors as long as it supports the weight.

Freestanding Monitor Stand 6 monitorsIt is all about the base even if your monitors hung over the side of your desk it would not matter as the monitor stand supports, and balances everything on the mount. So even a small , basic desk is sufficient enough to support a multiple monitor stand setup. As long as it is strong enough to support the weight that’s all.

Overall Width

Keep in mind, the monitors themselves (not the mount) are much wider than the mount bases. So If you have room for the monitors, then you have enough room for a monitor mount. For example see the quad mount below. Note how 2 monitors wide are much wider than the base of the mount.

Monitor Stand for 4 screens - 2 x 2

So when determining if you have enough room for multiple monitors, don’t worry about the mount. Measure one of your monitors (straight across , left to right). Now multiply that by the number of monitors across that you want to use. In the example above, let’s say your monitors are 20″ wide. Two monitors wide is a total of 40″. That is how much width you need for this setup.

What about height?  If you have height restrictions such as a cubical type desk,  the same rules apply. But you would just measure the height of a single monitor and multiply by the number of monitors high that you plan on using.

NOTE When using one of our monitor mounts they are vertically adjustable. Again in the example above you could drop the whole array DOWN where the bottom row of monitors nearly touches your desk if needed.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us we are happy to talk to you about this.

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