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How to fix black border around my monitors

The Issue:

You have a black border around the inside of your monitors which looks like it is not completely filling the screen. This usually only happens if you are connecting displays with HDMI.

Possible Causes:

  1. Your resolution is set higher than the monitor supports.
  2. The monitor itself needs to auto calibrate.
  3. Your wallpaper needs to be stretched.
  4. You need to adjust your scaling options / overscan settings if you are using an ATI video card and HDMI monitors

NTI QuadStation ComputersHow to Fix It

  1. ​If your resolution settings allow you to set higher than your monitor supports you will sometimes get a black border. Change your resolution settings for each monitor to the (recommended) setting.
  2. ​To calibrate your monitor look for an AUTO button or something similar on the front of the monitor itself. You may need to refer to your monitor user guide as these buttons are often confusing to navigate. However, most monitors have an AUTO button for this purpose.
  3. ​You may simply need to stretch your wallpaper to fit the screen. You know this is the case if you have a black border, but your mouse moves into this as usable space. In Windows 7 for example go to your Desktop Background Settings and change to FILL the screen.
  4. And this last one usually occurs if you are using an ATI video card and connecting your monitors using HDMI cables or adapters. This has to do with what is called Overscanning or Scaling and there is a setting ATI Catalyst Control Center software to fix this.

To change this setting in Catalyst Control Center:

1) Right click on the Desktop or the programs tabs in the start menu and open Catalyst Control Center.
2) Switch to Advanced mode if you are not there already.
3) Click dropdown menu Graphics in the top right.
4) Select Desktops and Displays.
5) Right Click your currently activated display under `Please Select a Display‘ on the bottom right.
6) Select Configure.
7) Click on the Scaling Options tab.
8) Now, just move the scale to the right (overscan) until you get full screen (in most cases, it is 0%)

Note that the instructions above may vary in different versions but the idea is to set SCALING to 0.

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