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What is The Best Browser?

What is the Best Browser To Use Right Now?

These are the major contenders in internet browsers. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and MS Edge. In Windows 10/11 Microsoft has replaced IE with Microsoft Edge, see below. We test all of them side by side on a daily basis using a wide variety of websites in a heavy multitasking environment. Here is the breakdown based on stability and functionality along with our current top pick

Internet Explorer BrowserInternet Explorer

Internet Explorer has retired and no longer supported by Microsoft. Although the link is hidden as of Windows 10, it still exists. If you try to open it you will be immediately redirected to switch to Microsoft Edge. As of this writing we are not recommending Edge just yet. Read more below.

Google Chrome IconGoogle Chrome

Chrome has become the most stable browser out there. I have to say that Chrome does handle “responsive” (mobile, tablet format) layouts better than the other two browsers. On top of the fact that Google pretty much rules the roost on searching the web so adhering to Googles SEO rules is a must. The theory is that using their browser increases your chances of being organically ranked.

​Web designers usually format websites based on the the popularity of the browsers, regardless of personal preference.  We are still not a fan of the way bookmarks are managed in Chrome which makes it difficult to organize them quickly compared to FireFox. Also, the missing File, Edit, View, Help style menu structure is a bit inconvenient. Be Safe! Don’t forget to use Incognito Mode.

Firefox by MozillaFireFox

​We do like the streamlined way FireFox manages bookmarks and a simple right click to save a bookmark. The star icon on the top right of the menu bar allows you to quickly save a bookmark and gives you a choice of where to save it.

FireFox updates automatically, almost too much in our opinion but security updates are critically important these days. We have noticed that our video surveillance software works a bit better in Firefox compared to Chrome.

Don’t forget to use Private Window. Similar to Incognito Mode in Chrome.

Microsoft Edge Browser Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s Edge is the browser that comes with Windows 10/11. Microsoft Edge browser runs only in Windows 10 or 11 currently. It is completely integrated into Windows 10 + and a standalone version is not available. Microsoft has no plans of releasing the Edge browser on other versions of windows or any other platforms for that matter.

​​If you are not a fan of MS Edge, download and install Chrome or FireFox. They both work well in Windows 10 or 11.

Apple’s Safari on Windows PC?

Nope. Apple no longer offers Safari updates for Windows. Safari 5.1.7 for Windows was the last version made for Windows, and it is now outdated.

The Bottom Line:

Right now, I use both Chrome and FireFox. I find that some sites work better one vs the other so I rotate between them. My browser has to keep up with me, not the other way around! Not only does a good browser need to have very efficient search capabilities, but it must perform well on all types of websites. From media rich websites, online banking, video playback to online printing. Your browser should not hold you back.

Keep in mind, that all of the browsers have some little quirk or content that it refuses to play, but that is to be expected. Browsers are nothing more than software remember so none of them can be perfect all of the time.

All three browsers now have solid security features which has leveled the playing field there, so it comes down to the user experience. Does your browser crash on the websites that you use? If so it might be time to try one of the others and let us know about your own experience.

Also remember that plug-ins such as Flash, Java, ActiveX etc are all used in conjunction with your browser to display content. So if suddenly you are no longer able to play an online video clip, or your trading software is hanging, you may need to update one of your plug-ins.

We are currently pre-installing Chrome on all of our QuadStation systems by default. However you certainly have a choice, so if you would prefer a different browser just let us know. If you have any questions about this article please feel free to give me a ring I will be happy to talk to you about it.

Len – NTI

NTI QuadStation Computers