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What is MST and SST

What is MST vs SST

What is MST?

Large screen TV in HotelIn order to achieve 4K resolution at 60Hz, most early 4K displays on the market used Multi-Stream Transport (MST). A technology that stitches two halves of a display together into one large surface — also called a “tile” — in software. MST, can carry a signal for two or more monitors on a single cable, allowing for daisy chaining or hub configurations of multiple 4K monitors.

What is SST

More recent 4K displays have started using Single-Stream Transport (SST), eliminating the need for stitching two halves of a display together in software. Instead, SST monitors feature scalers that support 4K resolution at 60 Hz over a single tile. Ideally, if you are purchasing a 4K display, you should look for one that supports SST, since MST can cause issues with in-game menus, BIOS screens and scaling.

Compare MST to SST

Now that you know the difference, you understand why you want an SST display. High resolution monitors and TVs all support SST and the prices have really come down over the past few years. In addition, most of them have SST technology built in.

4K Monitors and TVs

High res displays are the standard choice for computer users who work with detailed graphics or video a CAD designer for example. However, for every day use, 4k is not really needed. Most computer monitors are 1920 x 1080 HD resolution which is more than enough for most users.

Multi Monitor Computers with SST Support

NTI QuadStation Computers